Color and Creativity at YYHS

Last October, sixteen spinners (including a few new spinners!) filled a huge, sunny room with laughter and a whole lot o’ wool. We started on Friday with a Fine-Tune Your Spinning class and then jumped into Color and Creativity for Fiber Artists.

We had a long tables in the Boulder Hot Springs Hotel covered in colorful fibers and sample textiles to help inspire our work.

And then, we started stitching fiber color wheels complete with tints and shades.

For 2018, we will continue our creative work and move towards putting our color ideas into yarns, stitches, and fabrics. During our long, relaxing weekend, we can make a series of small textiles that capture our inspirations. We can finish with an easy approach to the technical info we can glean from them and how to keep track of your work. I hope you can join us!


Photos: Madeline Keller-King, Mary S., and Kate Larson.

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