Yoga FAQ

Yoga instructor and massage therapist Kelly Baraby.

“I’ve never done yoga, but would love to give it a try—can I join the group?”
The yoga shared this weekend is for beginners to experienced; each posture and focus will be for the individual participant. You can choose not to participate as well. Rest assured that the yoga is more about how to balance the Art you are making with keeping your bodies and breath balanced and full of possible life.


“Spinning can give me a stiff neck or tender wrists. Could you help me with my specific needs?” 
We will go through simple stretching, ways to ease tension, and postural imbalances that come with the creative process… 🙂


“I don’t have a yoga mat or blocks. Will some be available to borrow?” 
I will have a large supply of props, mats, blankets, blocks, belts, and bolsters. This will be more of a restorative focus retreat.


“What is restorative yoga?”
Restorative yoga is a practice that helps our nervous systems shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic, meaning relaxation. It is key to releasing tension and strained patterns in the body. Different than a nap in that we pay attention to breath and letting go consciously. Though most will fall asleep once propped with support. I will share some of the science behind why this practice is so important.


“What types of yoga are you interested in for your personal practice?”
Personally, I trained with mostly Iyengar teachers from 1993‒present, including Judy Landecker since 1995 and from 2004‒present with Judith Hansen Lasater. I have certification in Ashtanga. I found teaching yoga at Big Sky Institute for seven years that I needed to meet the student in the how and whys of yoga postures. This changed my practice and teaching in that I no longer depend on full postures for benefit.

I used to be a very competitive student, but the longer I taught in this demographic it was not what was needed nor was it what I lived in my practice. I now meditate more and find resting poses to ease tension mid-day!

My last week with Judith Lasater in August was a deep release of layers of exhaustion practice. We did restoratives for six days in the afternoons—it is profound how tired we all are.

I’m looking forward to helping each of you enjoy your bodies more and therefore your Art!