The Experience

Large Meeting Room - 2Restorative Yoga

Our yoga classes are voluntary and inclusive of all body types and abilities. Whether you have never practiced yoga or are an experienced yogi, your level of participation is welcome. The focus of our yoga experience is restoration and relaxation.

Kelly answers a few questions about the yoga sessions she will lead in the Yoga FAQ.

Handspinning and Fiber ArtsHistoric Bar Room

Grant yourself the opportunity for exploration and creative renewal. This component welcomes individuals who have never spun as well as experienced spinners and fiber artists. Drop spindles and spinning wheels are equally welcome. Some equipment will be available for beginners to borrow. If you are an experienced spinner, this workshop will help you fine-tune your spinning, explore new fibers and yarns, and find fresh energy and inspiration for your work.

For spinning related questions, check the FAQ or contact

Daily Schedule

All sessions are voluntary. (Schedule is subject to tweaking.)

Thursday Retreat
Open Studio! We thought the weekend went too fast last year, so we added an extra day for relaxing. Kate will be available for fibery help, advice, and teatime cheer throughout the day. Come and go as you choose, work on a specific project, or just enjoy the day as a retreat. Depending on enrollment, we can schedule a yoga session with Kelly and meals at the hotel. This day is an optional addition and has a separate registration cost of $50.

Studio Morning: the classroom is open for you to make your spinner’s nest and hang out.
11am – 1pm – Arrival and check-in.
2pm – 4pm – Class with Kate.
4:30pm – 5:30pm – Yoga with Kelly.
6pm – 7pm – Dinner.
7pm – 10pm – Evening gathering: spinning, knitting, and help in the Bar.  Charkha night!

8am-9am – Breakfast.
9am – 9:30am – Warm-up yoga with Kelly.
10am – 12pm – Class with Kate.
12pm – 2pm – Lunch. Free time for swimming, hiking, sitting on the veranda.
2pm – 4pm – Class with Kate
4:30pm – 5:30pm – Yoga with Kelly.
6pm – 7pm – Dinner.
7pm-10pm – Evening gathering: spinning, knitting, and help in the Bar.

8am-9am – Breakfast.
9am – 9:30am – Warm-up yoga with Kelly.
10am – 12pm – Class with Kate.
12pm-1pm – Lunch. Free time for swimming, hiking, sitting on the veranda.
1pm – 3pm – Class with Kate.
3:30pm – 4:30pm – Yoga with Kelly.

Larson,_Kate_YarnFest17_SpinKnit_1Weights and Measures for Spinners

Friday afternoon.

Get your weekend started with this session on techniques for quantifying our yarns. Spinners often feel like taking measurements and record keeping can diminish our fiber joy. Kate will show you how she keeps it fun, fast, and very straightforward. Learn about balancing ourselves, our tools, and our fibers to create the yarns we want as comfortably as possible. This class is open to spinners of all levels and abilities, and will cover yarn design, spinning methods, grist, twist, and more.

Bring your wheel and/or spindle and put a pile of fun fibers to task: from yak down and luscious, woolen cloud produced in South Dakota, to handpainted longwools and silk hankies. Kate will also bring an assortment of spindles (drop, supported, and charkha) to explore.

  • For beginning spinners: Are you new to spinning? Join us! If you have never spun before, contact Kate, and she can get you started on a spindle before class begins.
  • Participant to bring: Several different spindles OR a working spinning wheel and its parts, extra bobbins, and lazy kate.

Handspun SketchesHandspun Sketch_1

Saturday and Sunday

Artists of all stripes use sketches, swatches, doodles, and other small works to explore color and inspiration. This kind of daily work helps us stay connected to our creativity every day in a comfortable, personal way. We can use small skeins of handspun, knitted swatches, and woven fragments to capture the quick outlines of an inspiration. Creating and keeping these small works builds a reservoir of ideas to draw from.

Kate will guide you through her approach to handspun sketches starting with a different topic each day: gradients on Saturday and blends on Sunday. We will merge technical spinning skills and creative explorations to produce fabrics that quickly capture your ideas. We will be using our handspun to create whatever type of textile you like: knitted and crocheted swatches, embroidered fabrics, woven bands, and small tapestries.

  • Kate will show you a creative pathway that works for her using steps leading from inspiration to textile. You can adapt it for your own work.
  • Create a Spinner’s Notebook to organize your samples, notes, and plans for future work.
  • Learn how to create gradient yarns with slow color shifts in a variety of ways, adapt them for different projects, and how to sample for them in knitting, embroidery, and weaving.
  • Create and spin blends with a variety of fibers including different wools, alpaca, silks, yak down, camel down, recycled fibers, linen tow, and more.