The Experience

Large Meeting Room - 2Restorative Yoga

Our yoga classes are voluntary and inclusive of all body types and abilities. Whether you have never practiced yoga or are an experienced yogi, your level of participation is welcome. The focus of our yoga experience is restoration and relaxation.

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Handspinning and Fiber ArtsHistoric Bar Room

Grant yourself the opportunity for exploration and creative renewal. This component welcomes individuals who have never spun as well as experienced spinners and fiber artists. Drop spindles and spinning wheels are equally welcome. Some equipment will be available for beginners to borrow. If you are an experienced spinner, this workshop will help you fine-tune your spinning, explore new fibers and yarns, and find fresh energy and inspiration for your work.

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Daily Schedule

All sessions are voluntary. (Schedule is subject to tweaking.)

11am – 1pm – Arrival and check-in. (Lunch on your own.)
2:30pm – 4:30pm – Class with Kate: “Fine-Tune Your Spinning”
5pm – 6pm – Yoga.
6pm – 7pm – Dinner.
7pm – 10pm – Evening gathering: spinning, knitting, and help.

8am-9am – Breakfast.
9am – 9:30am – Warm-up yoga.
10am – 12pm – Class with Kate: “Color and Creativity for Fiber Artists.”
12pm-2:30pm – Lunch. Free time for swimming, hiking, sitting on the veranda.
2:30pm – 4:30pm – Class with Kate. “Color and Creativity for Fiber Artists.”
5pm – 6pm – Yoga.
6pm – 7pm – Dinner.
7pm-10pm – Evening gathering: spinning, knitting, and help.

8am-9am – Breakfast.
9am – 9:30am – Warm-up yoga.
10am – 12pm – Class with Kate. “Wool Breeds Short Course.”
12pm-1:30pm – Lunch. Free time for swimming, hiking, sitting on the veranda.
1:30pm – 3:30pm – Class with Kate. “Wool Breeds Short Course.”
4pm – 5pm – Yoga.

Larson,_Kate_YarnFest17_SpinKnit_1Fine-Tune Your Spinning

Friday 2:30-4:30pm
This session is open to the full range of spinners.

Get your weekend started with this session on spinning as daily practice. Fine tuning our spinning goes beyond finding the right wheel adjustment or spindle; it’s about balancing ourselves, our tools, and our fibers to create the yarns we want as comfortably as possible. Open to spinners of all levels and abilities, Kate will discuss adjusting posture for spinning with less stress; fibers and preparations suited to effortless spinning; and sampling methods that help you anticipate yardage, gauge, and hand.

Bring your wheel and/or spindle and try a wide variety of fibers from Shetland rovings to camel down to organic, natural-colored cotton. Kate will also bring an assortment of spindles (drop, supported, and charkha) to explore.

For wheel spinners: understanding how your spinning wheel works is a key factor in creating the yarns you want. All types of spinning wheels, like people, have a comfort zone. Learning more about tension and speed adjustments will help you test the full range of your wheel’s abilities.

For beginning spinners: Are you new to spinning? Join us! If you have never spun before, contact Kate, and she can get you started on a spindle before class begins.

Participant to bring: Several different spindles OR a working spinning wheel and its parts, extra bobbins, and lazy kate.

Color and Creativity for Fiber Artists: Bridging the gap between theory and textileLarson_colorwheel_8_25_2016 (6)

Saturday 10am-12pm and 2:30-4:30pm
Session is open to all fiber artists.

Fiber artists love color. Whether you are a spinner, weaver, knitter, or embroiderer, translating color ideas into cloth can be challenging. Most of us know what a color wheel is and have heard the terms hue, shade, and value, but how do we apply it to yarn? Do weavers, knitters, and spinners look at color differently? This hands-on workshop will help you to bridge the gap between pure color theory and your own finished textile. We will create our own color tools, including a fiber color wheel, sample swatches, and a color idea notebook. Kate will show you how to quickly and effectively organize your inspirations and show you some of her own work created using this method. Join us as we explore basic color theory and design considerations for spinners, weavers, knitters, and more.

Larson,_Kate_NordicWool_1Wool Breeds Short Course

Sunday 10am-12pm and 2:30-4:30pm
Session is open to all fiber artists.

Sheep around the world are beautifully diverse. Join us for an introduction to a range of sheep breeds and the characteristics of their wool. You will have a chance to handle fleeces and yarns from primitive, longwool, downtype, medium, and finewool sheep. Kate will offer tips on choosing the right wool type for your next project and resources for finding breed-specific fibers. Leave class with a notebook of the breeds covered in class and a better understanding of how wool type impacts the durability, resilience, and drape of your textiles. Bring your spindle or wheel, knitting needles or crochet hook, to sample fibers and yarns. This workshop is open to knitters, crocheters, and spinners alike.

Skills needed: Beginning knitting, crochet, or spinning skills.
Supplies for needleworkers: A range of knitting needle or crochet hook sizes.
Supplies for spinners: Several spindles or a spinning wheel and its parts; handcards (some will be available to borrow.)